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F9 is a powerful, easy-to-use financial reporting solution that brings your QuickBooks general ledger data into Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel users already know how valuable spreadsheets are for financial reporting. F9 offers a powerful feature package: 

  • Excel-based functionality ensures ease of use
  • Formula Calculations eliminate re-keying of numbers
  • “Business Intelligence” Reporting offers KPIs, Table and Pivot Table analysis
  • Report Analysis diagnoses errors in a report
  • Drill-Down Capability by account segments, transactions, pivot details
  • Budget Write-Back to the F9 datamart
  • Consolidations over multiple companies and databases
  • Ad-hoc Reporting using the report wizard
  • Scheduling report calculation, distribution and email
Editions and features of QuickBooks that are supported:
  • Desktop editions list (PDF)
  • Online editions (US and Canada) list (PDF)
30 Day Trials:

There are two separate F9 products available for 30 Day Trial evaluation, one for the Online version of QuickBooks and one for the Desktop version.
Instructions to download, set up and run are at:




Sample F9 reports. (XLSX)
F9 Version 5 Brochure (PDF)
F9 Report Manager - A separate product that works with F9 to automate your F9 reporting!
F9 general system requirements
Additional Requirements for F9 with QuickBooks:  Desktop   Online
Release Notes:  Desktop   Online

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QuickBooks® is a registered trademark and service mark of Intuit Inc. in the United States and other countries. F9 is designed for use with (Desktop) QuickBooks Pro Edition, QuickBooks Premier Edition, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions software 2009 through 2017 only or (Online) QuickBooks Online (US and Canada).