F9 for AMSI eFinancials

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Experience the power of F9 for eFinancials with free 30 day trial software.

F9 Features:

  • Excel-based ease of use
  • Financial Formula Calculations
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Report Analysis
  • Drill-Down
  • Budget Write-Back to the GL
  • Consolidations
  • Ad-hoc Reporting


F9 Version 5 for eFinancials (Excel 2007 - 2013)

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System Requirements

F9 general System Requirements

eFinancials Specific:

  • eFinancials v7 or higher
  • Before Installing F9
        ○  Customized script configured by F9 Consulting (F9 account masks)

To request more information on product details or pricing contact sales@f9.com.